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TNA: Into A Higher Gear

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#1 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 15 August 2016 - 08:58 AM

TNA: Into A Higher Gear

2015 had been a horrid year for Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling with Destination America cutting an end to their deal and money issues stopping them from resigning top name talents such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.  In 2016 TNA got more air time with Pop TV and this was very successful not just for TNA but for Pop TV allowing them to crack new markets.  The shows were met with mixed reactions with some weeks being great and other weeks being absolute rubbish.  TNA also began to restructure contracts in order to control talent bookings but they also failed to hold on to some top stars such as Eric Young and Bobby Roode due to continued money issues.


In December 2016, Billy Corgan a now 20% owner in TNA Wrestling injected some of his personal cash into TNA to allow for some signings of big name stars in order to move the product forward.  It was a few weeks later that the TNA twitter account announcement it had signed Cody Rhodes, Aaron Stevens (Damien Sandow) and Stuart Bennett (Wade Barrett).


On January 22nd 2017, TNA presented Genesis Live on Pay Per View.  The show was headlined with Bobby Lashley defending his TNA World Heavyweight Championship match in a fatal four way against Drew Galloway, Aaron Stevens and Sanders (Stu Bennett’s TNA name).


TNA Presents Genesis Live!

·         TNA World Championship: Bobby Lashley [champion] vs. Drew Galloway [challenger] vs. Aaron Stevens [challenger] vs. Sanders [challenger]

·         TNA KOTM Championship: Eli Drake [champion] vs. Cody Rhodes [challenger]

·         TNA Tag Team Championship: The Decay [champions] vs. The Wolves [challenges]

·         TNA X Division Championship: Mike Bennett [champion] vs. Trevor Lee [challenger] vs. Tigre Uno [challenger]

·         Mahabali Shera & Grado vs. Al Snow’s choice

·         Matt Hardy & Rockstar Spud vs. Jeff Hardy & Ethan Carter III

·         TNA Knockout Championship: Jade [champion] vs. Gail Kim [challenger]


Up Next, TNA Genesis Results

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#2 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 15 August 2016 - 08:59 AM

TNA Genesis – The Rebirth

Universal Studios – Orlando, FL



The opening contest of the night was a triple threat match for the TNA X Division ChampionshipMike Bennett had managed to hold onto that title for the majority of 2016 and headed into 2017 still the champion.  Trevor Lee was on a major role thanks to Greggory Shane Helms picking up some huge wins to earn him a title shot.  Tigre Uno had not been seen since losing his X Division Championship due to injury but the Mexican native was back and ready to regain his championship.  As expected from the X-Division this was a fast paced match with Mike Bennett managing to secure victory thanks to the interference from his wife Maria.


The second match of the night was another title match as the TNA Knockouts Championship was on the line.  The Knockouts division has not been without controversy and a mess when Maria was making loads of number one contenders matches but now things have cooled down as Gail Kim looks to regain her TNA Knockouts Championship.  Jade is the current champion and has took advantage of the opportunity she has been given when the Doll House broke up.  While Jade had been champion for 2016, 2017 just wasn’t her year as Gail Kim locked in octopus stretch forcing Jade to tap out.


The third match of the night saw Mahabali Shera and Grado teaming up to take on two opponents of Al Snow’s choosing.  Shera & Grado had been teaming for over a year but were only ever seen as a comedy act and not a serious tag team. Al Snow had been trying all year to get them out of TNA but had failed to do so.  Al Snow introduced their opponents as James Storm and Bram.  This match was all about showcasing what Storm and Bram could do and make them a legitimate tag team.  A super kick to Grado secured the win for Storm and Bram.


Match number four was the third title match of the night as the current TNA King of the Mountain holder Eli Drake was defending his championship against new TNA star Cody Rhodes.  Eli Drake has been the champion since he cashed in his feast or fired briefcase last year and has been the champion ever since.  Cody Rhodes was in TNA after his WWE release and was ready to prove to the world he was ready to do this.  This was a great back and forth contest until Cody Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes for the victory.  After the match Cody said the win was for his father and says this title will now and forever be the TNA United States Championship!


It was time for more tag team action as the TNA Tag Team Championships were on the line.  For over a year now these two teams have beaten each other black and blue and have had injuries along the way.  Tonight Abyss and Crazzy Steve commonly known as The Decay are defending their championships against Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, more commonly referred to as The Wolves.  While this match was supposed to be two on two, the addition of Rosemary at ringside caused some distraction for The Wolves and this led to their downfall as Abyss hit the black hole slam on Eddie to retain their championships.


The sixth match of the night was also tag team action.  For years both Hardy’s have tried to get the better of the other but it was during early 2016 that Matt Hardy captured the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and aligning himself with Tyrus and Rockstar Spud.  As Tyrus drifted from the group Matt and Spud would attack Jeff Hardy on a regular basis but it’s was Matt Hardy’s other nemesis Ethan Carter III who came to the rescue of Jeff Hardy.  Tonight’s match was full of passion as both teams wanted a victory under their belt.  In the end EC III hit the One Percenter on Rockstar Spud for the victory!


It was now time for the main event for the TNA World Heavyweight ChampionshipBobby Lashley was the current champion and had been destroying any opponent Dixie Carter had put in front of him but tonight he defended the championship in a fatal four way, a match he didn’t have to be pinned in to lose his championship.  Aaron Stevens, the former Damien Sandow was making his TNA debut in this match and wanted to prove he did have the skills to become a World Champion.  The former Wade Barrett, going by the name Sanders was also making his TNA in-ring debut and wanted to prove not only to the fans around the world but to his previous employers he had what it takes to be a main eventer.  The fourth competitor was Drew Galloway, a man Bobby Lashley knew all too well with the numerous battles.  An epic twenty-minute battle that will go down as a one of the greatest matches in TNA history it was Bobby Lashley unleashing a devastating spear on Drew Galloway to retain his championship!



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#3 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 15 August 2016 - 09:24 AM

TNA Championship Rollcall


TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Bobby Lashley


TNA United States Champion

Cody Rhodes


TNA Tag Team Champions

The Decay


TNA X Division Champion

Mike Bennett


TNA Knockouts Champion

Gail Kim




TNA Announces Bound for Glory League

TNA Wrestling has this year moved the Bound for Glory Pay Per View to March 2017.  This means that starting this week on TNA Impact Wrestling, there will be a series of matches to determine who advanced to face Bobby Lashley at Bound for Glory for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  16 TNA superstars will be divided into two blocks and everyone in each block will face other with a victory scoring 2 points meaning that there is a maximum of 14 points available to advance to the final.  Please see below for which superstars are in which block.


Block A


Jeff Hardy

Drew Galloway

Crazzy Steve

Aaron Stevens

Eddie Edwards


Eli Drake


Block B

James Storm



Mahabali Shera

Ethan Carter III

Matt Hardy


Rockstar Spud


Up Next, TNA Impact Wrestling – The Bound for Glory League

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#4 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 15 August 2016 - 09:26 AM

TNA Impact Wrestling – Bound for Glory League

Universal Studios – Orlando, FL



The opening match of the night saw action from the Block A Bound for Glory League as Abyss took on Eli Drake.  Last night at Genesis, Abyss was able to retain his TNA Tag Team Championship while Eli Drake lost his TNA King of the Mountain Championship.  With Abyss’ motivation high and Eli Drake upset over the loss, this was an easy win for Abyss after hitting a black hole slam.


The second contest of the night also came from the Block A Bound for Glory League as Abyss’ tag team partner Crazzy Steve was in action as he took on Eddie Edwards.  Both these superstars were involved in a huge title last two nights ago as Genesis and the action continued tonight.  Rosemary was again at ringside and once again provided the distraction for Crazzy Steve to get the pinfall victory.


It was now time for some action from the Block B Bound for Glory League as James Storm took on Grado.  Grado has only ever been seen as a comedy side show since arriving at TNA and this upset Al Snow.  In fact their feud goes back to British Boot Camp 2 when Grado missed a training session and Al Snow said he didn’t have the passion for the business.  Last Sunday Al Snow announced James storm as one of Grado’s opponents and tonight they face off in one on one action.  Much like at Genesis it’s a superkick to Grado that scores Storm the victory.


The fourth match of the night pitted Madison Rayne against Jade to determine a new number one contender for Gail Kim’s TNA Knockout championship.  The winner would face Gail Kim at February’s Victory Road in three weeks time.  Jade lost her Knockouts Championship to Gail Kim last Sunday and was out to prove she belonged at the top of the division.  Madison Rayne was also out to prove she had what it takes.  After an up and down year Madison claimed 2017 was her year.  The two women had a great battle but in the end it was Madison Rayne that was able to secure victory.


Match five of the night was in the Block B Bound for Glory League as Ethan Carter III took on Bram.  Last Sunday both men got victories in their respective matches and tonight they wanted to keep their winning ways going.  A great contest between these two guys but ECIII managed to hit the One Percenter to take victory!


The main event saw the newly crowned TNA United States Champion Cody Rhodes issue an open challenge to anyone in the back for an instant title shot.  This bought out Tyrus who said 2017 was his time to shine and time to hold gold in TNA.  The two had a great match but Cody Rhodes managed to get the big guy off his feet and lock in a crossface causing Tyrus to tap out as Cody retained his United States Championship!






TNA Impact Wrestling – Bound for Glory League

Universal Studios – Orlando, FL



Billy Corgan kicked off the show announcing that tag team matches can take place within the Bound for Glory League and both winners will receive double victory points (4) as this set up the first match as Abyss and Crazzy Steve known as The Decay teamed up to take on Sanders and Drew Galloway.  At Genesis both Sanders and Galloway were involved in the fatal four way for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship both losing.  Tonight they blamed each other and had a lot of miscommunication that allowed The Decay to pick up the victory after Abyss hi the black hole slam on Sanders.


The second contest of the night saw Mahabali Shera taking on his tag team partner and friend Grado.  This match was really short with Grado getting the win.  After the match both shook hands.


Match number three saw Matt Hardy teaming with Rockstar Spud to take on James Storm and Bram.  James Storm and Bram came together as a team at genesis and last week Storm picked up a victory over Grado while Bram lost to Ethan Carter II.  Matt Hardy and Rockstar Spud have not had a Bond for Glory League match yet and will be sat at the top of their block if they score victory tonight.  After a great contest it is Matt Hardy that hits a twist of Fate on Bram to score victory for his team.


Match number four see’s TNA United States Champion Cody Rhodes once again issuing an open challenge.  This time it’s answered by the former champion Eli Drake who wants to regain his championship.  Unfortunately for Eli Drake this match yet much like Genesis as Cody Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes for the victory.  After the match TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley came out and challenged Cody Rhodes to a non-title match at Victory Road to see who the best champion is!


The main event this week saw Jeff Hardy take on Aaron Stevens.  Both men have never faced each other before as were in WWE during different Era’s but tonight they both put everything on the line to score victory and get some points on the point.  While Jeff went for a swanton bomb Matt Hardy came out for the distraction allowing Aaron Stevens to get the schoolboy rollup for the win.  After the match Matt challenged Jeff to a match at Victory Road.






TNA Impact Wrestling – Bound for Glory League

Universal Studios – Orlando, FL



The opening contest saw Abyss and Crazzy Steve once again team up to take on Aaron Stevens and Jeff Hardy.  Abyss and Crazzy Steve are currently leading Block A with 6 points apiece.  Last week Aaron Stevens picked up the win over Jeff Hardy and Jeff will be keen to pick up victory and move off zero points. Miscommunication between Jeff Hardy and Aaaron Stevens nearly results in a loss but they get on the same page as Jeff hits the twist of fate on Crazzy Steve for the victory!


Abyss is not happy with the loss resulting in Aaron Stevens joining him in top spot that he challenges Crazzy Steve to a match.  Billy Corgan comes out and makes it official!  This is pretty much a squash match with Abyss picking up the victory in under three minutes.


The third match of the night is more tag team action as James Storm and Bram team up to take on Tyrus and Mahabali Shera.  This is Tyrus’ first match in the tournament and will be looking for a victory especially after losing to Cody Rhodes in a title match two week’s ago.  Mahabali Shera will be looking to avenge a loss suffered at Genesis against these two men.  With Tyrus and Shera wanting victory, it’s just wasn’t enough as Storm and Bram delivered a viscious beating picking up victory after a superkick to Tyrus.


The fourth contest is an X-Division contest as Trevor Lee takes on Tigre Uno.  Both of these men challenged Mike Bennett in a triple threat match at Genesis but both came up short.  Tonight they both put it on the line showing why they deserve to be number one contender.  There is a lot of back and forth action until Trevor Lee hits a huge suplex off the top rope scoring him victory and the opportunity to regain his championship at Victory Road!


The main event this week saw Drew Galloway taking on Eli Drake.  Both men are without victories so far within this competition and Eli Drake is on somewhat of a losing streak and this affected his confidence heading into tonight’s match.  Galloway sensed this and used it to his advantage enabling him to put Eli Drake away with the underhook DDT!






TNA Impact Wrestling – Bound for Glory League

Universal Studios – Orlando, FL



The opening contest pits Abyss against Eddie Edwards.  This is Abyss’ last match in Block A and is currently leading the way.  Eddie Edwards last fought Crazzy Steve losing and still sits on zero points.  After a lot of back and forth it’s a black hole slam giving Abyss victory!


The second match of the night is a tag team match in Block B see’s Rockstar Spud & Tyrus teaming up to take on Ethan Carter III & Matt Hardy.  Both Rockstar Spud & Tyrus have been tag team partners in the past and now Rockstar Spud must face his friend Matt Hardy, while Matt Hardy teams with his arch nemesis EC3.  Matt Hardy hits twist of fate on Rockstar Spud but Jeff hardy comes to the ramp as Tyrus enters and hits a huge suplex for the win!


The third contest of the night pits Jeff Hardy against Eli Drake.  Eli Drake has been a losing streak since TNA Genesis and is hoping things can turn around today.  Jeff Hardy currently has 4 points and sits fourth in the standing with a win putting him in joint second place.  The match was back and forth until Jeff Hardy hit a twist of fate followed by swanton bomb to pick up victory!


It's Block B action for the fourth contest of the night as it’s time for team mates to battle it out as James Storm takes on Bram.  James Storm is sitting in joint first place and needs a win to keep him at the top while a win for Bram would put him on the same score as Storm.  It’s a great match with lots of reversals as both know each other well but it’s a super kick that leaves Bram down on the mat for the three count!


It’s knockout action in the main event of the evening as TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim & Marti Bell took on former champion Jade and number one contender Madison Rayne.  This was a great match from the Knockouts with Madison Rayne getting the victory over Gail Kim.



TNA Victory Road Card

TNA Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim [champion] vs. Madison Rayne [challenger]

Bobby Lashley vs. Cody Rhodes

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

TNA X-Division Championship: Mike Bennett [champion] vs. Trevor Lee [challenger]

Block A: Drew Galloway vs. Aaron Stevens

Block A: Crazzy Steve vs. Eli Drake

Block B: Mahabali Shera vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Tyrus

Block B: James Storm vs. Ethan Carter III

Block B: Grado vs. Bram

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