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TNA: New Year, New Resolutions, New Beginnings

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#1 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 16 February 2016 - 01:07 AM

OOC: My other diary ran out of steam and even though I had some shows to post, I wasn't happy with it.




During the six weeks TNA was off the air they made massive changes, previously filmed content was no longer being used as new LIVE shows were going to be broadcast every Tuesday on Pop so the spoilers showing Lashley winning were no longer correct.  On the Pop debut, the semi-finals and finals match would take place with a brand new World Champion being crowned!


In other news the X-Division was set to once again be the thing that set it apart from WWE.  TNA signed new and returning talents to new contracts to boost the division.  Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Japanese sensation Yohei Komatsu.  As reported by the wrestling news sites TNA and NJPW were able to strike a working relationship were New Japan would only allow certain superstars to work for TNA but wanted the full TNA roster at its disposal.


The King of the Mountain Championship was retired as a championship belt and replaced with the Television Championship.  In Terms of the King of the Mountain, this would be a yearly tournament with the winner earning the King of the Mountain Cup!


The knockouts got an entire new focus with new talent including Tara, Mickie James, Jessica Havok and Cherry Bomb.  Quite a few knockouts got released in the shuffle hoping to bring the very best of women’s wrestling to one place.


Dixie Carter made an announcement via Twitter that she is stepping away from the front stage and ensuring the back of house runs smooth and spend more focus there but a Director of Authority will be announced on Impact. Ron and Don Harris were put in charge of Live shows along with VP of Marketing Mike Weber ensuring there were a steady flow of live events coming in with great market research showing that tickets would sell!


Along with these many changes would also see the return of the monthly Pay Per View system.  There would be 12 PPV’s this year starting in January with New Beginnings and ending in December with Unbreakable.  Each would be broadcast LIVE on PPV on the last Sunday of every Month.



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#2 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 16 February 2016 - 03:40 PM


TNA Impact Wrestling – Live on Pop (5/1/16)

Kimmel Arena, North Carolina

3,000 Fans


TNA Championship Semi-Finals: Matt Hardy def. Eric Young w/Bram

A few months back on Destination America, Matt Hardy was forced to relinquish the TNA World Championship after an injunction filed by Ethan Carter III after Jeff Hardy interfered.  Tonight Matt Hardy was on his own against Eric Young who had Bram in his corner.  In the end it was a twist of fate from Matt Hardy that elevated him to the finals!


A New Director of Authority Announced

The TNA president was in the ring thanking the fans who have supported TNA for what is approaching its 14th year.  Dixie said although TNA has come a long way there is still a lot to do and that’s why a Director of Authority is needed.  Dixie Carter introduced Teddy Long.  Teddy Long stated that TNA was above to shift to a new gear. PLAYA!


TNA Championship Semi-Finals: Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus def. Lashley

Ethan Carter III, the former champion was on a mission to reclaim the title he never really lost and as his injunction ruled the match a no contest he remains undefeated but he faced Lashley tonight.  Lashley really took the fight to Ethan Carter III but it was EC3 hitting the One Percenter that allowed him to advance to the finals!


Who’s A Bad Influence?

Backstage video with the returning Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. They said that years ago they made the X-Division great and put on great matches that no-one will ever forget.  They state the X-Division is a joke and Dixie phoned them BEGGING them to come back and save the X-Division.  Bad Influence say they are here to make the good GREAT!


Bobby Roode def. Bram w/Eric Young

Bobby Roode took on Bram who was accompanied by Eric Young who lost to Matt Hardy earlier in the night.  It didn’t take long to let Eric Young to let his rage boil over.  He ran into the ring closelining Bobby Roode causing the DQ.  Bram looked a little shocked as Eric Young directed him to get the chairs.  As Bram and Young attempt to hit the chairs James Storm runs through the crowd and chases them off.



James Storm helps Bobby Roode up before grabbing a microphone. Storm says he went up north to NXT but he wasn’t happy.  He said he belonged in TNA with his family, with Bobby Roode and asks Roode if he’s willing to let bygones be bygones and reform one of the greatest tag teams ever.  Roode agrees as the two shake hands as beer money theme hits.


Kurt Angle def. Drew Galloway

Kurt Angle announced during a sit down interview with Mike Tenay on YouTube called TNA: Insider that he was retiring at the end of January and his match at New beginnings would be his last.  He says that each week he will hand pick an opponent to face and showcase the best of what TNA has to offer.  This week Angle took on Drew Galloway in what was classed as match of the night.  A great contest that saw Kurt Angle pick up the win after locking in the Angle Lock forcing Galloway to tap.  Afterwards the two hugged.


Championship Highlights

A video is shown of how Matt hardy and Eric Young got the finals along with their storied background.  A video was shown of EC3 with Tyrus saying tonight he remains undefeated and becomes TNA World Champion.  Matt Hardy is shown with Jeff Hardy who says that tonight gold is with the Hardys!


TNA World Championship: Matt Hardy w/Jeff Hardy def. Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus

What an epic contest this has been and now boils down to Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III.  This is a great back and forth match.  Jeff Hardy gets in the ring staring down EC3 as Tyrus gets in squares up to Jeff Hardy.  Tyrus turns around and levels EC3 as he and Jeff Hardy leave the ring.  Matt picks up EC3 and hits the Twist of Fate on EC3 to pick up the win and become TNA World Champion.  This is EC3’s first loss in TNA!  Jeff Hardy and Tyrus get in the ring as they raise Matt Hardy’s hands!

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#3 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 16 February 2016 - 03:42 PM

TNA Championship Roll-Call

TNA World Championship: Matt Hardy

TNA Television Champion: Vacant

TNA X Division Champion: Tigre Uno

TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves [Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards]

TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

TNA KOTM Cup [2016]: Vacant



TNA Insider

Mike Tenay sits with Teddy Long


Tenay: Teddy Long you’ve got a reputation as delivering the best matches when putting into the position you are in for what can we expect from you and more important Impact this Tuesday?


Long: Thanks Mike.  There are a lot of things that are going to change and they start this week on Impact.  We will be having a triple threat match with the winner getting an X-Division Championship match against Tigre Uno at New Beginnings in a little over 3 weeks.  Also the TNA Television Champion will ultimately be decided at New Beginnings with qualifying matches taking place for the next few weeks with all winners advancing to the PPV.


Tenay:  That sounds great.  There are some fans out there that want more.  How do you play on addressing that?


Long: You have to realise Mike that the fans pay to watch the product whether that be live in the audience or at home.  Fans won’t tune in and if don’t have a great product and I’m here to deliver that great product and have some surprises over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

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#4 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 17 February 2016 - 09:14 AM


TNA Impact Wrestling – Live on Pop (12/1/16)

Mid-Hudson Civic Center, New York

3,500 Fans (Sell-Out)


All Hail The Champ

Matt Hardy comes to the ring with the TNA Championship over his shoulder followed by Jeff Hardy and Tyrus.  Hardy is being boo’d out of the arena as EC3 chants are heard.  Matt says that he beat all the odds and became TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  He says that no-one believed in him expect one person and that’s Matt Hardy himself.  Hardy says that Tyrus realised what EC3 was and decided to join the winning team.  Matt says the three guys standing in front of you are Iconic!


Television Championship Qualifier – Robbie E def. Mr. Anderson

The first match of the Television Tournament were the winners earn themselves a shot at the belt at New Beginnings.  The first contest pits Mr. Anderson against Robbie E.  Mr. Anderson has not been seen since being eliminated from the TNA World Championship tournament and showed a lot of ring rust as Robbie E managed to get a small package on Mr. Anderson to advance.


Television Championship Qualifier – Abyss def. Mandrews

The second qualifying match pitted strength against speed.  Mandrews used his quickness and managed to ground the big man but Abyss powered through hitting the black hole slam to pick up a quick win!


Backstage Beatdown

Tigre Uno is backstage with his X-Division Championship as he is attacked from behind with a baseball bat.  The man picks up the X-Division Championship and turns around revealing Alex Shelley with an evil grin on his face!  He throws the belt back at Tigre Uno.


#1 Contender for TNA X Division Championship – Christopher Daniels def. Alex Shelley & Andrew Everett

Both Christopher Daniels and Alex Shelley are making their TNA redebuts as they join Andrew Everett in a triple threat match.  This is a great match featuring high flying action showing Everett can hang with X-Division warriors.  Alex Shelley is about to hit his finisher as Frankie Kazarian comes down the ramp as he and Shelley exchange words.  This allows Daniels to get school boy roll up for the three and go on to face Tigre Uno at New Beginnings.


Teddy Long gathers the Knockouts!

Teddy has the knockouts in his office and announces that the knockout division is going to prove to the world why it’s the best division for women anywhere.  Long says at New Beginnings the ten knockouts in the division will compete in a battle royal with the winner walking out the new Knockouts Champion. He says they have three weeks to train and put on best match possible!  PLAYA!


Kurt Angle def. Lashley

In the second match of Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour, Angle chose Lashley to be his next opponent as someone who he respects.  Another classic match much like the match last week with Drew Galloway but Angle picked up the win by pinfall after Angle Slam.  After the match Angle and Lashley hug.


Teddy Long Tells Matt Hardy Straight!

Teddy Long is in his office when TNA Champion Matt hardy, Jeff Hardy and Tyrus walk in.  Matt screams at Teddy that he is the World Champion and if he wants to speak to him he should come to his locker room and he should not have to come to Long’s office.  Teddy tells him he has news of great importance and that he has got a letter off EC3 asking for a match.  Tyrus clenches his hands but Long says it’s not a match against Jeff Hardy or even Tyrus it’s for a match against Matt Hardy in a No DQ match for the TNA World Championship.  All three men freak out as Long announces the match is set for New Beginnings!


Television Championship Qualifier – James Storm w/Bobby Roode def. Eric Young w/Bram

Last week Eric Young lost the Semi-Final of the World Championship tournament and took his anger out on Bram’s opponent Bobby Roode.  This bought out James Storm and this week James Storm takes on Eric Young to head one step closer to Television Championship.  While both men had people in their respected corner it was the last call from James Storm that got the pinfall victory over Eric Young.  Beer Money celebrate with beer to close the show!

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#5 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 17 February 2016 - 09:18 AM


TNA Impact Wrestling – Live on Pop (19/1/16)

Compuware Arena, Michigan

3,500 Fans (Sell-Out)


A Secret Letter

Kurt Angle is sat in his locker room when a stagehand appears and gives Kurt a letter.  Kurt opens it, reads it and puts in the on the table.  He walks out of the room confused as a camera zooms to the note reading ‘Mr. Angle for One Night Only, let me become a member of the TNA Roster and give you an epic match in your final ever match.  You have until the end of the night for give me an answer’


Television Championship Qualifier – Lashley def. Chris Malendez

The Television Championship qualifier continues as Lashley takes on former US Army Sergeant Chris Malendez.  This match was really one sided with Lashley dominating with power getting the win after hitting a devastating spear!



TNA World Champion Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Tyrus hit the ring.  Matt Hardy says TNA is victimising him by giving EC3 another shot.  Hardy says he doesn’t deserve a shot and if Teddy Long doesn’t cancel the match then all three men will sit the PPV out!  Teddy Long comes out and says if that happens he will strip Matt Hardy of the TNA Championship and then fire all three of them.  Long says the match goes ahead of planned and if Hardy can’t carry the pressure the being the Champion, he can give it up now.  Hardy says at New Beginnings he will end EC3 for good and no-one will see him again!


Television Championship Qualifier – Grado def. Aiden O’Shea

This is the fifth match in the Television Championship qualifiers and this match puts British Bootcamp 2 contestant Grado against Aiden O’Shea.  This was a great contest with Grado managing to hit a big boot to the face of O’Shea to pick up the pinfall victory and advance.


Hey Frankie!

Alex Shelley is in the ring.  He talks about making an impact knocking out the X-Division Champion but last week Frankie Kazarian got involved in something he shouldn’t have and now he doesn’t have a match at New Beginnings…until NOW!  Shelley says he’s been to see Teddy Long and at New Beginnings he will get his revenge on Kazarian.


Television Championship Qualifier – Drew Galloway def. Rockstar Spud

This is the last qualifying match for the Television Championship.  The man who lost to Kurt Angle two weeks ago takes on Rockstar Spud.  A great contest between these two brits but Drew Galloway has more experience and power and puts Rockstar Spud away with the future shock DDT for the three count.


Japanese Sensation

Japanese sensation Yohei Komatsu is backstage and says that he has come to TNA to put the X-Division on notice and that he is issuing an open challenge to anyone next week on Impact!


Angle Finds His Opponent!

Kurt Angle comes to the ring and says that this is his farewell tour and someone has sent him a message for his last ever match.  Angle says that whoever it is doesn’t even have the respect for professional wrestling to come to the ring face to face with him.  The lights go out and when they come back on the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kazuchika Okada is standing face to face with the Olympic gold medallist.  The IWGP Champion attacks Angle hitting the Rainmaker to leave him lying as the show closes!

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#6 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 20 February 2016 - 11:16 PM


TNA Impact Wrestling – Live on Pop (26/1/16)

Cedar Rapids Ice Arena, Iowa

4,000 Fans (Sell-Out)


New Japan Invasion

IWGP World Champion Kazuchika Okada comes to the ring followed by his CHAOS team-mates Yoshi-Hashi and Baretta.  Okada says he’s come to the US to challenge the best in the world.  It’s Japan vs. America and is the biggest match ever!  Kurt Angle comes out and says he’s disrespected Angle and his farewell tour and last week he didn’t manage to give these fans a match. Okada tells Angle he can have a match tonight and he won’t interfere but how about we make the match a little more interesting.  Okada says he has been given permission from New Japan and will put the IWGP Championship on the line, a title Angle has never won!  Angle accepts as CHAOS leave the ring.


Beer Money vs. Eric Young & Bram – No Contest

This match has been in the works since the very first episode of Impact of 2016.  The match was very physical and out of control with the referee just letting them fight!  The fight spilled outside the ring as the referee counted both teams out but they didn’t care as they fought all the way to the back!


Gail Kim Speaks

Gail Kim is backstage and says this Sunday the best women in the ring get in the ring and put on a performance of a lifetime with the winner becoming TNA Knockout Champion!  Gail tells the other knockouts that she will be wearing this belt after that match.  Awesome Kong walks up and says she has thrown men out of a ring before in the same type of match [referring to eliminating Michael Cole from Royal Rumble] so she has no worries eliminating anyone!


Kurt Angle def. Abyss

It’s Kurt Angle’s last ever Impact wrestling match with Sunday being his final match ever for TNA Wrestling.  This week Kurt Angle selected a star he decided was the future of TNA and had a lot to offer and gave Abyss the opportunity to deliver.  Abyss over powered Angle with a lot of high impact moves but the Angle Lock forced Abyss to tap.  Angle stood up visible holding his back in pain as Okada came to the top of the stage and clapped Angle.


It’s A LONG Road!

Teddy Long is in his office when Jeff Hardy walks in.  Jeff asks nicely for Long to change the match up this Sunday but Long denies.  Instead Long tells Jeff that he and Tyrus are banned from ringside during that match but they will still be at the Pay Per View.  Jeff looks confused as Long announced he and Tyrus will team up to take on the tag team champions in a non-title match!  Jeff freaks out as he walks off!


Beer Money vs. Eric Young & Bram – Part 2

Cameras join the fight backstage as they continue fighting backstage even into the locker rooms.  Eric Young has a chair and takes out Bobby Roode while James storm takes out Bram with a steel pipe to the leg.  The fight ensues until referees and road agents break up the fight.


EC3 Video

A video is shown of EC3.  He says a few weeks ago his friend Tyrus turned on him and it’s only now that he’s realised how be abused that friendship.  He tells Tyrus he’s sorry for treating him badly but he’s not sorry for the beating he’s going to get!  EC3 days on Sunday he will become TNA World Champion and then he’s coming after Tyrus!!!


Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian def. Tigre Uno & Alex Shelley

This home run show was all about hyping up the PPV so this match is our main event of the evening.  Two matches on Sunday rolled into one tonight.  A great back and forth but an Angels Wings on Tigre Uno seals the victory!

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#7 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 20 February 2016 - 11:28 PM

OOC: New Beginnings changed it's name to Genesis to due logo issues.....



TNA Genesis

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

No Disqualification

Matt Hardy© vs. Ethan Carter III


TNA Television Championship

This match will crown the first TNA Television Champion

Robbie E vs. Abyss vs. James Storm vs. Lashley vs. Grado vs. Drew Galloway


TNA X Division Championship

Tigre Uno© vs. Christopher Daniels


TNA Knockouts Championship

10-Knockout Battle Royale

Gail Kim© vs. Awesome Kong vs. Mickie James vs. Jessica Havok vs. Cherry Bomb vs. Madison Rayne vs. Jade vs. Marti Belle vs. Rebel vs. Tara


IWGP World Championship

Kurt Angle’s Final TNA Match

Kurt Angle vs. IWGP World Champion, Kazuchika Okada© w/Yoshi-Hashi & Baretta


Alex Shelley vs. Frankie Kazarian


The Wolves [Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards] vs. Iconic [Jeff Hardy & Tyrus]

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#8 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 24 February 2016 - 07:42 PM


TNA Genesis – Live on PPV (31/1/16)

Edwards Hall, Florida

5,000 Fans (Sell-Out)


Dark Match: Crazy Steve def. Mandrews

Dark Match: E-Li Drake def. Andrew Everett


·        Iconic [Jeff Hardy & Tyrus] def. The Wolves [Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards

·        Alex Shelley def. Frankie Kazarian

·        IWGP World Championship: Kazuchika Okada© def. Kurt Angle

·        TNA Knockouts Championship: Awesome Kong def. Gail Kim©, Mickie James, Jessica Havok, Cherry Bomb, Madison Rayne Jade, Marti Belle, Rebel and Tara

·        TNA X Division Championship: Christopher Daniels def. Tigre Uno©

·        TNA Television Championship: Drew Galloway def. Robbie E, Abyss, James Storm, Lashley & Grado

·        TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Matt Hardy© def. Ethan Carter III


It was TNA’s first ever PPV of 2016 and boy did they deliver.  The opening contest was good even with no real story and the win for Jeff Hardy and Tyrus over the champions must give them a title shot soon!


Alex Shelley debuted by attacking Tigre Uno, but in a match against Christopher Daniels, Kazarian provided the distraction costing Shelley the match.  A lot of high flying action with Shelley getting the win getting his revenge!


For the first time ever the IWGP World Championship was defending inside a TNA ring.  Okada defended the belt against Kurt Angle as Angle’s final match for TNA and a dream match for many fans.  With Angle never being the IWGP in his career he was focused more than ever.  Even with Yoshi and Barretta sent back to NJPW, Angle kept and eye over his shoulder and this lack of focus cos him the match and a loss on and final ever TNA match!


The knockouts were in action for the first time in 2016 in a battle royal. Awesome Kong and Jessica Havok were the last two in the ring and it was then we knew a new Knockouts Champion would be crowned.  These two large ladies battled it out but in the end Awesome Kong tossed Havok over the top rope to regain the championship.


The TNA X Division Championship was on the line next as Tigre Uno defended against Christopher Daniels who had won a triple threat match to earn his shot.  Daniels used his wide experience from all over the world to grab the win and regain the X Division Championship, a belt not held for years.


The next match was to crown the first ever TNA Television Champion.  All six men had earned qualifying matches over the previous few weeks so the best of the best was here.  With 6 men in the ring the referee had his hands full but in the end Drew Galloway with future shock DDT to Grado earning him the title.


The main event saw the return of Ethan Carter III take on Matt Hardy.  Hardy’s two associates were banned from ringside as this became a brutal contest and blood and gore.  There were tables and chairs all over the place.  Ethan Carter hit the One Percenter and goes for the pin but Greggory Helms runs in and breaks it up before hitting the vertebreaker and putting Hardy on top of EC3 as the referee counts the fall and Matt Hardy retains!  After the match Tyrus and Jeff Hardy came to the ring and they all embraced.  Matt Hardy said this is the Iconic 4!

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