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Rapid Pro Wrestling, Local to Global(TEW 2013)

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#1 fusionFX!


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Posted 09 October 2015 - 10:18 AM

To start this post off, I'd just like to say I'm back guys!!


I've been going with this save since around the start of August(IRL) and to be honest, I was just gonna keep it a secretive game but decided I'd come back and try doing this local to global thing again on here. Without further ado, here we go!! I started with a roster of 12, but now I'm up to 25, I just recently made it to the small level. I'm using the final Cpt. Charisma January 2015 mod that he made on ewbattleground. More will be posted throughout this first post.



Rapid Pro Wrestling


Championship belts:

RPW Champion: Antonio Scorpio, Jr.

----Former champions:

--J.D. Michaels(held from January 2015 to July 2015 and had 5 successful title defences)

--Xavier(held from July 2015 to November 2015 and had 3 successful title defences)


RPW Tag Team Champions: Team Terror(Jess Youngblood and Mike Mission)

----Former champions:

--Amazingly Awesome(Kevin Martel and Kris Chambers), held from August 2015 to January 2015)



----Main Event:

Antonio Scorpio, Jr. - Heel

Chris Hall - Face

Nicky Benz - Heel

Tommy Lee Curtis - Face

Xavier - Face


----Upper Midcarder:

J.D. Michaels - Heel

Jess Youngblood - Heel

Kevin Martel - Heel

Mike Mission - Heel

Tony Gunn - Face



Aden Chambers - Face

Eric Priest - Face

Kaden Assad - Heel

Kris Chambers - Heel

Quiet Storm - Face

Tim Zbyszko - Heel

Wes Draven - Heel


----Lower Midcarder:

Bryan Logan - Face

Mark Andrews(Not Mandrews from TNA) - Face

Matt Logan - Face

Ricky Cruz - Face

Todd Sexton - Heel



Blade Hart - Face

Brandon Parker - Face

Mark Sterling - Face


----Tag Teams/Stables:

Amazingly Awesome(Kevin Martel and Kris Chambers)

Blade Storm(Blade Hart and Quiet Storm)

Eric Priest and Ricky Cruz

Full Force(Brandon Parker and Mark Andrews)

Hands of Death(Psycho Madsen and Wes Draven)

Team Terror(Jess Youngblood and Mike Mission)

The Logan Brothers(Bryan and Matt Logan)

The Syndicate(J.D. Michaels, Jess Youngblood, and Mike Mission)


No Enhancement Talent, Women's division, or managers. We have one person on the injured list, Psycho Madsen(the former Knuckles Madsen of NXT). His injury is a Torn Trapezius. He will be back in 16 days(In game time).


My user character does the announcing duties, Nigel Sherrod is the colour commentator, Brandon Neff and Eric Michaels are the referees, and Carl Ouellet and Mana are the road agents.


I do not hold monthly shows. I started with only one show a month but now I do hold two shows a month. RPW Xtravaganza was the first show, and recently got RPW Featured Attraction as my second show. Not counted as PPV's or TV Shows for that matter, just Medium sized events. Xtravaganza is held monthly every Monday, week 2. Featured Attraction is held monthly every Monday, week 4.


When I started this, the wrestlers I signed had really low star quality, sex appeal, and menace so I have raised them to what they should be(by looking at pictures of these people). It might be considered cheating to you guys but to me, its making the game more realistic. I haven't messed with their in ring stats. They have stayed the same, just altered the aforementioned.


I'm just now starting in April of 2016. Now a quick recap of the last Xtravaganza and Featured Attraction event results.


RPW Xtravaganza

Antonio Scorpio, Jr and Nicky Benz attacked Tommy Lee Curtis and Xavier - 48%
Amazingly Awesome has a sit-down protest and it is ruined by Eric Priest and Ricky Cruz - 32%
Amazingly Awesome defeated Priest and Cruz - 43%
Full Force save Priest and Cruz from AA - 35%
Full Force promo - 26%
Tim Zbyszko defeated Aden Chambers - 24%
Tim Zbyszko promo - 29%
Tony Gunn beaten down backstage by Kaden Assad - 37%
Blade Storm promo about Hands of Death - 38%
Blade Hart defeated Wes Draven - 40%
Chris Hall and The Logan Brothers confront The Syndicate - 43%
Team Terror defeated Logan Brothers to retain tag titles - 43%
Chris Hall defeated J.D. Michaels in a weapon on a pole match - 44%
Chris Hall and Antonio Scorpio, Jr. confront each other backstage - 60%
Tommy Lee Curtis and Xavier defeated Antonio Scorpio, Jr. and Nicky Benz - 50%
Curtis and Xavier celebrate with the fans in attendance - 41%
Scorpio became so frustrated after the loss that he puts Benz through a table - 48%


Overall Rating was a 51%, D+
RPW Featured Attraction
Nicky Benz, Antonio Scorpio, Jr., Tommy Lee Curtis, and Xavier argue with each other - 52%
Aden Chambers accepts J.D. Michaels open challenge - 35%
Aden Chambers was defeated by J.D. Michaels - 37%
Tim Zbyszko defeated Ricky Cruz - 30%
Eric Priest saves his tag partner Ricky Cruz from Tim Zbyszko - 34%
Tony Gunn rants about Kaden Assad - 40%
Tony Gunn defeats Kaden Assad - 31%
Full Force runs off Amazingly Awesome after they belittle FF - 32%
Blade Storm defeated Team Terror after Wes Draven got involved - 38%
Tommy Lee Curtis defeated Nicky Benz - 48%
Antonio Scorpio, Jr. defeated Xavier to retain the RPW Title - 53%
Chris Hall saved Xavier from Antonio Scorpio, Jr. - 55%
Overall Rating was a 51%, D+

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#2 KingOfMyWorld


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Posted 13 October 2015 - 05:48 PM

TEW definitely makes the game harder than EWR ever did. I find I hemmorage money sometimes and have to back down and fire great guys for nobodies. Good luck. Technically at the local level you don't need things like colour commentary, that would save a little money. 

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#3 fusionFX!


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Posted 16 October 2015 - 07:15 PM

RPW Xtravaganza, in front of 146 people.
Kurt Sterling comes out and says that he will take the open challenge that J.D. Michaels issued.
-- Kurt Sterling debuted his Dual-Sport Superstar gimmick, it got an 98 rating. J.D. Michaels changed gimmicks to an Egomaniac gimmick,  it got a 94 rating.
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, J.D. Michaels defeated Kurt Sterling in 6:25 by pinfall with a Powerbomb onto the Knee.
In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Tim Zbyszko defeated Eric Priest in 6:31 by submission with a LarryLand Dreamer after blatantly cheating.
Eric Priest & Ricky Cruz have an interview in which they taunt Tim Zbyszko.
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Tony Gunn defeated Wes Draven in 7:33 when Wes Draven was disqualified when Kaden Assad ran in and attacked Tony Gunn.
Post match brawl between Tony Gunn and Kaden Assad.
Blade Storm have an interview in which they taunt Hands Of Death. Team Terror come out and the tag team title match starts.
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Team Terror defeated Blade Storm in 11:35 when Jess Youngblood defeated Quiet Storm by pinfall. Team Terror make defence number 4 of their RPW Tag Team titles.
Brandon Parker and Mark Andrews have a heated confrontation with Kris Chambers and Kevin Martel and eventually come to blows. Security swarms the ring to break them up before they can hurt each other.
In a bout that had a good crowd and some decent in-ring action, Xavier defeated Nicky Benz in 17:54 by pinfall with a X-Breaker.
Amazingly Awesome cut a promo hyping their upcoming match with Full Force.
Full Force cut a promo hyping their upcoming match with Amazingly Awesome.
Tommy Lee Curtis is shown sitting backstage getting ready.
In a bout that had a good crowd and good action, Antonio Scorpio, Jr. defeated Tommy Lee Curtis in 18:49 by pinfall. Antonio Scorpio, Jr. makes defence number 6 of his RPW title.
Tommy Lee Curtis is being attacked by Antonio Scorpio, Jr. in the ring. Seeing the assault, Chris Hall comes running in and chases Antonio Scorpio, Jr. off, saving Tommy Lee Curtis from a serious beating.
54/C- is the final rating of the event.
Note: I know it's just a copy and paste but I just simply don't have all the time in the world to actually write a show so this is the best that I've got.

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Sasha Banks<3 You gotta like dat ass!

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