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Extreme World Wrestling TNA Has Major Surgery!

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#1 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 18 June 2015 - 09:05 PM

[OOC: After posting this, didn't realise this is an actual company in the UK, but lets pretend they don't exist....:P]


In September 2015 Destination America chose to not renew the contract with TNA Wrestling essentially leaving TNA without any programming in homes.  This caused a great deal of stress to the roster who were all given restructured priority pay per appearance deals and ability to work anywhere they would like.


The previous #2 company had slipped now the ranks.  Destination America was still keeping RoH onscreen and this put more eyeballs on RoH than TNA.  Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling also had a TV deal and was starting to turn heads as the months rolled on even though attendance figures were low.


At the end of the year Dixie Carter took a look at TNA Wrestling and decided that this was it and this was the end.  TNA Wrestling was listed for sale at $5,000,000.  There was no interested but Dixie still had to keep paying wages.


One day Dixie was sat with her head in her hands as the phone rang.  As she picked it up she heard a familiar voice of Paul Heyman.  Heyman said he heard TNA Wrestling was up for sale but said Dixie had massively over-priced the brand and in reality it was worth only $1,000,000.  After a week of negotiations, TNA Wrestling was sold to Heyman for $1,000,000 with Dixie Carter still allowed to work for TNA in the marketing department.




As Heyman evaluated the mess he had just bought, he knew that TNA needed a massive overhaul.  It needed a new name to reduce any stigma attached and needed a whole fresh outlook and do something different to what’s currently out there.


And so it was born EXTREME WORLD WRESTLING.  And With EWW born meant new championships were needed!


EWW World Heavyweight Championship

EWW International Championship

EWW World Tag Team Championships

EWW Jr. Championship

EWW Jr. Tag Team Championships

EWW Knockouts Championship


Next order of business for Heyman was deciding how the shows would operate going forward.  Heyman decided that EWW will do three huge tours which all cumulate in a PPV.  The tours will be available on YouTube to give fans the build they need for the PPV.  Heyman also looked at how Impact 365 worked and decided to do something similar but will allow the roster to cut promos to further enhance feuds.

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#2 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 19 June 2015 - 09:01 PM

Heavyweight Division

Singles Roster


Bobby Roode


Bully Ray

Chris Melendez

Davey Richards

Drew Galloway

Eddie Edwards

Eric Young

Ethan Carter III


James Storm

Jeff Hardy

Kurt Angle



Matt Hardy

Mr. Anderson


Robbie E

Rockstar Spud



Tag Teams

The Revolution (James Storm & Abyss)

The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

The Hardyz (Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy)


Jr. Division

Singles Roster

Austin Aries

Christopher Daniels


Frankie Kazarian


Kenny King

Low Ki


Matt Jackson

Nick Jackson

Samuel Shaw

Tigre Uno


Tag Teams

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

The Warriors (Low Ki & Homicide)


Knockout Division

Angelina Love

Awesome Kong


Gail Kim

Madison Rayne

Taryn Terrell

Velvet Sky

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#3 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 20 June 2015 - 11:12 PM




Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian also known as Bad Influence are currently competing in the Jr. Division and are facing off for the EWW Jr. Tag Team Championships at the very first show.  They are the first guys to cut on a promo on Extreme TV on YouTube.  They announce that they plan n walking away with the belt as they are the best tag team going today and they are unbeatable.  They state they have been all over the world holding TNA, RoH, IWGP Tag Titles just to name a few and this Monday will just be more titles to add to their resume.

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#4 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 20 June 2015 - 11:22 PM

EWW Launch Show - Night #1

Monday January 4th 2016

Orlando, Florida

800 Fans Attended


EWW Jr. Tag Team Championships – Bad Influence def. The Young Bucks & The Warriors

(Bad Influence done exactly what they said on Extreme TV and became the first ever EWW Jr. Tag Team Champions.  It was the BME from Daniels that got him the pinfall victory over Low Ki.)


Special Singles - Gail Kim def. Angelina Love

(These two knockouts have met previously under the TNA Umbrella but tonight they showed renewed passion as the fans went nuts, especially after Gail Kim made Angelina Love tap out!)


Special Singles - Awesome Kong def. Velvet Sky

(This was a squash match and was there to show that Awesome Kong is the Knockout to beat if you want to be the best.  The Awesome Bomb put Velvet away!)


EWW Jr. Championship – Austin Aries def. Kenny King

(It was time for some high flying action as Austin Aries and Kenny King went toe to toe.  The action was intense with a lot of near pinfalls but it was Aries with the delayed brainbuster that allowed him to get the win!)


Special Singles - Abyss def. Magnus

(These two men are no strangers to each other and both showed why they want to be in EWW.  Abyss got in control and spread thumbtacks over the mat.  Abyss tried to connect with a black hole slam but Magnus DDT’d Abyss on to the tacks causing the DQ)


Special Singles - Bobby Roode def. Ethan Carter III

(The IT Factor of professional wrestling against The Future of professional wrestling.  EC3 put up a good fight for a hard hitting powerbomb put EC3 out for the three count)


EWW International Championship – Mr Anderson def. MVP

(This was the first EWW Heavyweight Division title to be for grabs as Mr Anderson took on MVP.  The former WWE stars showed a great work ethic and went all out, but Mr. Anderson was little bit better hitting the mic check for the 3 count.)


Special Singles - Kurt Angle def. Eric Young

(The main event featured two of the best EWW has to offer as Kurt Angle took on Eric Young.  Both of these men were former TNA World Champions and both showed that they still have a spot in the main event!  After 20 minutes of pure wrestling, Angle locked in the Angle Lock causing Eric Young to tap!)
















EWW Launch Show - Night #2

January 5th, 2016

Miami, FL

812 Fans


Special Triple Threat – Madison Rayne def. Taryn Terrell & Brooke

(The Knockouts were in action to kick off the 2nd of 2 launch shows.  All three women put on a tremendous show but it was Madison Rayne who proved she was the best!)


Special Tag Team - Samuel Shaw & Tiger Uno def. Manik & DJ Z

(It was time for the Jr. Division to take stage as Shaw & Uno took on Manik & DJ Z in a Jr. Division Showcase match.  The match ended after Tiger Uno hit the Tiger Driver on DJ Z for the win!)


EWW Knockouts Championship – Awesome Kong def. Gail Kim

(The Knockouts were back in action and this time the EWW Knockouts Championship was on the line. Kong & Gail both won their matches last night so fought it out for the belt.  It was an Awesome Bomb on Gail Kim that put her down for the three count!)


Special Singles - Christopher Daniels def. Low Ki

Special Singles - Nick Jackson def. Frankie Kazarian

Special Singles - Matt Jackson def. Homicide

(Last Night Bad Influence picked up the win over The Warriors and Young Bucks so tonight they split into three singles matches.  Daniels got the win over Low Ki, while Young Bucks won both of their matches)


Special Singles - Gunner def. Eric Young

(Gunner was looking for an impressive debut while Eric Young was looking to rebound after the loss to Angle last night.  Unfortunately for Eric Young, his bad luck continued as Gunner hit a running powerbomb for the win!)


EWW Tag Team Championships – The Hardys def. The Wolves & The Revolution

(The main event saw the EWW Tag Team Championship on the line. Hardyz, Wolves & Revolution all put on a Match of the Year match but in the end it was a swanton bomb from Jeff Hardy to Abyss allowing them to pick up the titles!)


They are the two launch shows just to get a few storylines started for the actual tour. I'm playing with this in my head to keep making minor changes.  I'm not going to sign a load of WWE guys straight away or have them debut every month.  I'll stick to the guys I have unless I need to expand a certain division.


After each main show I'll also be posting current title history along with defences so you can see how your favourite superstar is getting on! :)


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#5 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 22 June 2015 - 09:24 PM

The Road to Genesis #1 – Live on YouTube.com

January 11th, 2016

Tampa, FL

760 Fans


>> Paul Heyman’s theme hits as the owner of Extreme World Wrestling comes to the ring and thanks the fans for supporting EWW during this period.  He says that last week, they held two nights of action and determined a few champions, some of who will be defending their belts tonight, but that tonight the EWW World Championship will be put on the line for the first time ever as Kurt Angle takes on Bobby Roode.  Heyman then says that this is EXTREME Championship Wrestling and tonight some matches will be hardcore based!


>> If you were able to attend the launch shows in Orlando and Miami, you would have three Jr. Division Tag Teams facing off over the EWW Jr. Tag Team Championships in which Bad Influence came out the winners.  Manik & DJ Z were a make shift team that had chemistry that they were added to tonight’s 8-man tag which saw Bad Influence team up with The Young Bucks to take on The Warriors and Manik & DJ Z.  The match was all out crazy with Young Bucks, Warriors & Manik & DJ Z all proving they deserve a shot at the belts.  In the end it was Warriors Way from the top rope that allowed Low-Ki to score that important pinfall over one half of the Jr. Tag Team Champions, Christopher Daniels.


>> Backstage Kurt Angle was there hyping his main event match with Bobby Roode for the EWW World Championship.  Angle put over Roode’s accomplishments and say the two have had some great rivalries in the past and tonight he predicts it will be an epic counter.


>> Austin Aries is in the ring his with EWW Jr. Championship.  He successful won the belt on night 1 of the launch show by defeating Kenny King.  Tonight he faced off against Tiger Uno in another high flying battle from the Jr. Division.  In the end Aries put Tiger Uno after a 450 splash from the top rope.  After the match Kenny King ran down with a steel chair and took out the champion Austin Aries before posing with the EWW Jr. Championship!


>> Bully Ray is in the ring spouting off his history with Paul Heyman and how the fans know what type of match he loves so he’s issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back for a tables match!  Lashley answers the call as they brawl all around the arena.  Unfortunately for Lashley, Bully Ray is a specialist in this match and puts him through a table with a powerbomb!  After the match Bully says next week there’s another Tables Open Challenge if anyone is man enough!


>> The next match up saw two men making their EWW debuts and in a match that one must win to move them up the ranks and prove they are the best.  Drew Galloway and Tyrus are both former WWE employees and know what it takes to perform and they really deliver.  A T-Bone suplex from Tyrus before the Scotsman away.  Tyrus is victorious in his Debut!


>> Backstage Roode says he appreciates what Angle says, but says it’s not about creating a great match, it’s about winning and tonight he’s going home with the EWW World Championship around his waist!


>> Last week Awesome Kong defeated Gail Kim in a superb contest in which Kong picked up the win and the EWW Knockouts Championship.  Paul Heyman was so impressed, he made the rematch for the world to witness.   This match was even better than their first but Gail Kim still fell victim to the Awesome Bomb as Awesome Kong successfully defended her title!


>> Kenny King is back in the ring after the beating he gave Aries before.  Kenny King says he will be taking that title from Aries next week in a chairs match and if Aries has a problem with it, there’s nothing he can do!


>> On relaunch night 1 Mr. Anderson picked up the win over MVP to be crown the first ever EWW International Champion.  Tonight Mr. Anderson has a tougher task of retaining it against James Storm.  These two men put on a great match but the mic check was enough to put Storm away and allow Mr. Anderson to retain his title!


>> A hype video shows Kurt Angle defeating Eric Young and Bobby Roode defeating Ethan Carter III.  It also shows the interviews tonight a long with a tale of the tape.


>> The main event of tonights show is to crown the first ever EWW World Championship.  Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode are ready to fight and the action is intense.  Both men hit a range on his impact moves and finishing moves but they keep kicking out of pin attempts.  Eventually Kurt Angle locks in the Angle Lock forcing Bobby Roode to tap.


Quick Results:

Six-Man Tag Match: The Warriors & Manik & DJ Z def. Bad Influence & Young Bucks

EWW Jr. Championship V1: Austin Aries© def. Tiger Uno

Tables Match: Bully Ray def. Lashley

Singles Match: Tyrus def. Drew Galloway

EWW Knockouts Championship V1: Awesome Kong def. Gail Kim

EWW International Championship V1: Mr. Anderson def. James Storm

EEW World Championship: Kurt Angle def. Bobby Roode

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#6 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 22 June 2015 - 09:25 PM

EWW Championship Roll Call

EWW World Championship

Current Holder: Kurt Angle (def. Bobby Roode @ Road To Genesis #1 – 11/1/16)


EWW International Championship

Current Holder: Mr. Anderson (def. MVP @ Launch Night #1 – 4/1/16)

D1: def. James Storm @ Road To Genesis #1 – 11/1/16


EWW World Tag Team Championships

Current Holders: The Hardys (def. The Wolves & The Revolution @ Launch Night #2 – 5/1/16)


EWW Jr. Championship

Current Holder: Austin Aries (def. Kenny King @ Launch Night #1 – 4/1/16)

D1: def. Tiger Uno @ Road To Genesis #1 – 11/1/16


EWW Jr. Tag Team Championships

Current Holders: Bad Influence (def. The Warriors & Young Bucks @ Launch Night #1 – 4/1/16)


EWW Knockouts Championship

Current Holder: Awesome Kong (def. Gail Kim @ Launch Night #2 – 5/1/16)

D1: def. Gail Kim @ Road To Genesis #1 – 11/1/16

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#7 KingOfMyWorld


    The King of Kings

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Posted 24 June 2015 - 02:09 AM

Is this EWR, TEW or Brain based?

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#8 Philip C.

Philip C.


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Posted 24 June 2015 - 08:48 AM

brain based....can you tell :P

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