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Frontier Football Federation - Est. 1993

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#1 dwood



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Posted 16 August 2014 - 10:31 PM

Okay, so my last football diary back in 2007 was pretty successful so I've decided to start another one.

Since the AFL-NFL merger of the late 1960s, no football league in America has come close to the popularity of the NFL. High School and NCAA football continued to be very popular themselves, but neither could rival the success of the NFL. The short-lived USFL launched in 1983, but folded after just 3 years plagued by overly ambitious pursuits leaving Arizona stadiums 90% empty in the hot summer sun and fiscal irresponsibility among other such issues. Arena Football launched shortly thereafter, but failed to achieve any success beyond regional interest and the sport was seen as too gimmicky by casual football fans. College football was beginning to become a joke academically as schools would pursue the best athletes with little regard to their scholastic endeavors. Less talented athletes continued after high school in Division II, Division III and JuCo fooball, but these failed to generate much fan interest beyond alumni and athletic boosters. In 1993, a new league was dawning. An amateur, post high school league launched across the country: The Frontier Football Federation or "F3." F3 allowed small town and big city athletes fresh out of high school to continue playing football for the love of the game. Without academic oversight and the expensive costs of paying semi-pro athletes, 3F launched to little fanfare in its inaugural season in the spring of 1993, but the league quickly gained traction and garnered the attention of football fans nationwide.

The Early Years (1993-1995)
The league launched in 1993 with 24 teams in large cities and small towns alike across the country. The original 24 teams were established in the following cities:

Fresno, CA
Oakland, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Sacramento, CA
Denver, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Philadelphia, DE
Pensacola, FL
Warner Robins, GA
Elk Grove Village, IL
Moundridge, KS
Grand Rapids, MI
Saint Cloud, MN
Solway, MN
Tuscumbia, MO
Jackson, MS
Benson, NC
Greensboro, NC
Wilmington, NC
Toledo, OH
Eugene, OR
Portland, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Sugar Land, TX

With little oversight, the 1993 season was a mess. All 24 teams were pooled together and they played just 8 games each leading to a top heavy league with no clear champion:


With 6 teams finishing undefeated, 3F commissioner Dillon Jones :shifty: quickly devised a 6 team tournament to determine the first 3F champion. The 6 undefeated teams that did not face one another during the regular season were randomly assigned to play one another in neutral location games. It was determined that the winner of these 3 games with the highest margin of victory would then host a championship team while the team with the lowest margin of victory would travel to face the other winner. The winner of this semifinal game would then advance to the championship game. The three first round games resulted as follows:

Eugene 14
Tuscumbia 51

Toledo 31
Saint Cloud 19

Portland 23
Solway 28

Tuscumbia appeared to be a clear favorite after the first round and was due to host the winner of Saint Cloud @ Solway.

Solway 17
Toledo 24

Toledo (10-0) then traveled to Tuscumbia (9-0) in a battle to determine the first F3 champion...

Toledo 20
Tuscumbia 15

Toledo held Tuscumbia to 5 field goals to be crowned the first 3F champion. After the season, Jones announced a new franchise launching in Stevens Point, WI along with a bye week the next season to accommodate the odd number of teams.

1994 - The 1994 season proved to be much the same as the '93 season as 6 teams finished undefeated:


The same format was used to determine a champion as the previous season as Toledo looked to repeat as champions:

Solway 21
Toledo 16

Grand Rapids 11
Portland 41

Tuscumbia 20
Fresno 34


Solway 12
Fresno 40

It was now time for the second championship:

Fresno 0
Portland 24

Fresno got shutout as Portland, PA became the new F3 Champions. Commissioner Jones again announced that a new team would launch in Brentwood, TN; but that the bye week would be retained. The league's popularity continued to soar and Brentwood, TN would enjoy great success in their first season.

The league continued to be inundated with good teams as the league saw 7 undefeated teams this season and it was becoming increasingly apparent that the current format was simply not working. The popularity of baseball, however, had been severely damaged by the strike the previous season making room for 3F's increasing popularity.


Commissioner Jones awarded Toledo a bye due to their 1993 Championship while the other 6 teams were paired up to compete for 3 semifinal spots. The makeshift tournament was seeded similarly to how it had been the previous years:

Opening Round
Philadelphia (PA) 28
Fresno 25

Tuscumbia 31
Brentwood 37

Elk Grove Village 27
Stevens Point 25

Elk Grove Village 17
Toledo 43

Philadelphia (PA) 6
Brentwood 21

Brentwood 8
Toledo 32

Brentwood's miracle run fell short as Toledo claimed their second championship in three years. Commissioner Jones announced that the league would be splitting into 2 regions, an Eastern Region and a Western Region, to diffuse travel costs and to negate the increasing number of undefeated teams. He also introduced new teams in San Francisco, CA and Feather Sound, FL. Jones also announced that the winners of the 2 regions would face off in a championship game to be hosted in New York, NY. The regions were divided as such:

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#2 dwood



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Posted 23 August 2014 - 11:50 PM

Regional Competition (1996-1998)
With the league split into regions, hopes were that 1996 would see fewer undefeated teams, but the year saw 6 undefeated teams this year.


Tournaments were again devised to determine regional champions:

Eastern Semifinals
Brentwood 26
Stevens Point 14

Toledo 33
Philadelphia (PA) 25

Eastern Final
Brentwood 15
Toledo 36

Western Final
Denver 22
Solway 36

League Championship
Solway 30
Toledo 22

Toledo had looked poised to take home their third championship in four years, but they were vanquished by Solway. Indianapolis, IN would join the league the next year being added to the Western Region to balance out the teams.

1997 saw a record 8 undefeated teams as even more tedious tournaments were necessitated by this in each region:


Both regions saw exciting tournament this year:

Eastern Semifinal
Elk Grove Village 29
Warner Robins 27

Eastern Final
Elk Grove Village 23 (5OT)
Toledo 25

Western Quarterfinal
Indianapolis 16
Los Angeles 26

Western Semifinal
Los Angeles 17
Fresno 20

Moundridge 24
Denver 18

Western Final
Moundridge 26
Fresno 23

Toledo was seeking their 3rd title again and would not be stopped this time after blocking a late field goal against Moundridge:

League Championship
Toledo 24
Moundridge 22

Toledo captured their 3rd title as Commissioner Jones decided to again split the league, this time into four regions. Additionally, new teams would begin play in Ojai, CA; Paducah, KY and Peoria, IL in 1998.


The league was rapidly expanding in popularity now and its surging popularity earned it a television deal with FX. FX announced that it would air the league championship game the following season between the champions of each of the regional semifinals. Additionally, tiebreakers were instituted as each team now had a chance to play all of the other teams in their respective region.
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#3 Jeff



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Posted 24 August 2014 - 04:11 AM

Thisi s cool.

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