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TTP's Character Ideas

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Posted 22 March 2014 - 02:10 PM

I don't want to commit to a full-fledged diary at this point. But, after a meandering conversation with some coworkers yesterday, I had an idea.


This won't be a "real diary," so to speak, but it might be a creative outlet for some characters that I come up with. 


KCC was on board with it on Twitter, at least.


Maybe if I think of enough of these guys, I'll start my own thing. 


Bruiser Brony




Erick Rowan. Seriously. 






Read this if you don't know what a Brony is. It's a guy who likes My Little Pony. 


I imagine Bruiser Brony to basically have the personality of Bayley. He just wants to be everybody's friend and play My Little Pony with all of the wrestlers. 


But then some asshole like Bad News Barrett shows up and kicks all of his toys out of place


I'd also imagine, if Bruiser Brony were in a WWE world, he and Bayley would be an inseparable couple, a la Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth. Eventually one of them would grow a pair and move on. Brony would be Bayley's enforcer, if you will. So when the BFFs are giving her shit, Brony would walk up. The BFFs would cower in fear because they think Brony is just going to truck them, but Brony is too naive for that. He's just looking for friends, much like Bayley. 




Bruiser Brody enters the arena in one of two ways. 


1. Tyler Breeze-style. Zoom in on the horse hooves he's wearing to start the entrance and go from there. 


2. My personal favorite: Bruiser Brony rides in on a legit goddamn horse outfitted to look like a My Little Pony. 




Bruiser Brony is a hoss with a big heart. Usually the only reason he steps into a ring is because somebody was picking on him.


Once you flip the Bruiser Brony switch, though, he becomes Festus in the ring and just destroys people. 

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